You are a slave. All the common races (PHB) are slaves, and function as presented there, with minor changes:

-No race gains free proficiency with racial weapons or any other proficiencies mentioned in their block at 1st level. However, these all become available at 4th level. If a feat was taken that mimics the function of one of the racial weapon proficiencies (Like, Exotic Weapon Prof: Gnome Hooked Hammer), you may refund the feat for something else as part of your leveling up procedure.

-No player may start out as any class that can cast magic except Sorcerer without GM approval.

-If you take levels in a PC class (as opposed to an NPC class such as Noble or Warrior), you must justify where you learned your skills and how you’ve managed not to be caught.

-No player may start with weapons, without GM approval. No one lets slaves carry swords, after all.

-To help make up for these restrictions, all PCs start with 2 ability score dots to distribute as they like, following the same guidelines and restrictions as those granted every 5 levels. Everyone also gets the Toughness feat for free.


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