Viruk Empire

The Viruk Empire is a vast conglomerate of smaller nation-states, stretching the entire length of Astra from the Great Eastern Sea to the Skyfang Mountains along the east-west line, and from the Turasyndi Wastes in the north to the Burning Sands of Gloysan in the south.

The capital, Virukadeen, is where the [[All-Seeing Eye]] presides over his Empire, aided by a Council of Elders and the Ten Great Houses. The Noble Houses, in turn, control a section of the Empire, and each section is broken up into between 5 and 25 smaller nation-states, each with a regional governor.

Slaves make up the majority of the population, and outnumber their Viruk masters at least 10 to one. Every race that has a use has been put to use, and any other races were driven into exile or hunted to extinction.

Slaves also make up the bulk of the armies, though these are usually bred from birth to be warriors, and conditioned to absolute loyalty to their Viruk masters. Otherwise, they might very well revolt, and that would be unacceptable.

Viruk Empire

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