Virukadeen is located in the center of Irusvirik, the central hub of the Viruk Empire, and sprawls over many square miles. It straddles both sides of the mighty Golden River, with many bridges connecting the two sides, and even buildings on the small islands in the middle of the river.

The outskirts of the town are rows and rows of housing for the slaves that work the great factories and fields that support the capital, little more than line after line of squat stone cubes. Even the slaves don’t have to live in /shacks/.

The main trading route east-west, and the river running northeast-southwest, have no slave housing within sight. Wouldn’t do to besmirch the view.

The rest of the city is made up of tiered stone dwellings, ranging in size from modest two-story, single family homes all the way to the [[Temple of the All-Seeing Eye]]. The factories are immediately placed by the large spiraling Mana Vents coming out of the tops.

The city is beautiful, every available surface either covered in a precious metal or painted using ground up gemstone paste mixed with a bonding agent. The streets are paved with marble, and every corner has a light pole, so that, even at night, the city is radiant.

More carriages patrol the streets than guards, and only slaves walk. Trolleys are a common sight, and the sewage system is so advanced that not even in the slave quarters can you catch a whiff of waste.

Of course, all the proportions to the buildings are quite a bit bigger than they would be in a human city, owing to the size of the Viruk Warriors. Many stairs are shallow, or portable ladders are provided, though, in order to allow the slaves to get around without difficulty.


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