The Viruk are a strange race of humanoid-looking creatures, but the resemblance ends with basic anatomy.

There are two types of Viruk, males and females, and look almost like two separate species.

Female Viruk are quite tall, averaging about 7 feet, and are very slender. They have pale, lime-green skin, darkening along the outsides of their arms and legs, lightening to almost white along their stomach and the inside of their thighs. Hair is long and flowing and comes in shades of green, usually a variation of emerald (though teal is not uncommon). They have large, almond-shaped eyes, colored in blues and purples. Sweeping lines and gentle curves make up their forms, and almost all are quite striking.
They tend to be the diplomats and the courtiers, advisers and courtesans. They are also the undisputed mages, the only ones with the ability to practice magic in all of Viruk society. They are also rumored to be trained (or born) not to get angry, for no one has heard of any of them ever getting losing her temper. They do not possess claws.

The Viruk males, however, are quite a different story. The shortest among them may brush 8 feet, but the tallest can grow to more than 12. They are massive creatures, standing hunched most of the time. Great bands of muscle cover their heavy frames, and plates of bony armor spot shoulders, back, thighs, and forearms.
They are colored darker green, with patches of lighter skin on the inside of their arms, their chest and stomach, and either side of the great mane that sprouts from their head. Their hair is dark shades of jade, and curls down their spine. From the top of their head poke twin horns, short and sharp. They have small and cunning eyes, like a weasel, and the wide mouth is full of shark’s teeth.
If all this isn’t enough, they grow long, wickedly curved claws that can rend a man in half in a single blow. These claws drip a deadly poison that wracks the body, killing within a day if not treated. Luckily, the claws are retractable.


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